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Here you will find an extensive selection of glass and corporate awards. The engraving types on these awards vary per award, some can be engraved directly on the glass, others on a plate that is supplied and is positioned on the glass, some can be colour printed on, and some can have a mixture. Glassware engraved in house carries an additional cost due to the requirement of stencils. Although online there is only the ability to add text to glass, we are able to cater for logos and your specific designs.  We are happy to help with your designs should you require any help. If you have any specific requests, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will do our very best to help you.

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Crest4 Jade Plaque (jade/gold) (4.25 Inch (10.5cm))

Crest4 Jade Plaque
£5.99 excluding shipping

Crest5 Jade Plaque (jade/gold) (5 Inch (12.5cm))

Crest5 Jade Plaque
£6.49 excluding shipping

Crest6 Jade Plaque (jade/gold) (6 Inch (15cm))

Crest6 Jade Plaque
£7.49 excluding shipping

Crest7 Jade Plaque (jade/gold) (7 Inch (17.5cm))

Crest7 Jade Plaque
£8.99 excluding shipping

Apex4 Jade Award (jade/gold) (4 Inch (10cm))

Apex4 Jade Award
£7.99 excluding shipping

Apex5 Jade Award (jade/gold) (5 Inch (12.5cm))

Apex5 Jade Award
£9.99 excluding shipping

Apex6 Jade Award (jade/gold) (6 Inch (15cm))

Apex6 Jade Award
£10.99 excluding shipping

Apex7 Jade Award (jade/gold) (7 Inch (17.5cm))

Apex7 Jade Award
£11.99 excluding shipping
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